DNK Accountants

On-Shore & Off-Shore Banking Services

DNK Accountants has developed a strong working relationship with leading local and international banks including alternative banking channels for customers having increasing difficulties transacting with conventional financial institutions.

Banking in today’s time has become an increasing complex affair. We can assist with establishing bank accounts both locally & globally that offer strategic benefit and work coherently with the corporate structures in place, whilst offering utmost level of confidentiality in their dealings.

Why Choose UAE For Bank Account Opening?

In October 2014 the European Union member countries and a number of other states have signed the document nullifying bank secrecy. The UAE Government has refused to sign this document, noting that the safety of the UAE depositors’ data is their number one concern.

When opening a banking account in the UAE, clients are assured of personal data safety and safety of information concerning banking accounts. UAE banks are also one of the most respective for transactional banking needs on account of the nature of trade and facilitation transactions that the region has historically been associated with.

In comparison with the majority of European ones, the banks in Dubai and other Emirates in the UAE favorably distinguish themselves in low tariffs on banking services, user friendly online banking services, simplified reporting system, high quality of services with very competitive fees.