DNK Accountants

Strategy & Business Advisory

We specialize in assisting those interested in setting up or Investing within or through the UAE with a complimentary set of solutions & services from a selection of license, activity, trade location, Real Estate/Leasing, Visas, banking & recruitment.

These services are collectively provided and served to our clients through our sister companies specializing in respective areas.

Our services are aimed at providing invaluable support and guidance to corporate and individuals in providing them with the correct advise and solution to resolve possible bottlenecks they may face.

New Company
  • Identifying the best trade location for your company’s requirements
  • Identification and application assistance for the appropriate license/business activities
  • Selection and setup of banking relationships
  • Assistance with visas and other administrative requirements
  • Legal assistance relating to IP, contractual agreements and trademarks
  • Finding and leasing the right real estate space
  • Recruitment of the right resources